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Topaz Labs was founded in 2005 by Dr. Albert Yang, with the goal of making valuable and affordable image and video enhancement tools for photographers, videographers and graphic designers. Over the years the Topaz product line up has revolutionized digital imaging by helping photographers enhance their creative vision with dynamic and intuitive tools. They now offer a full lineup of enhancement solutions for creating HDR effects; adjusting color, detail and exposure; noise and artifact removal; masking and extraction; smoothing and sharpening; creating artistic masterpieces; and enhancing natural detail and tones.

Topaz Labs offers a free 30-day fully functional trial version of all their plug-ins so you can try them before you buy them. What makes Topaz Labs products so unique is their low cost and free version upgrades.  They also have one-of-kind plug-ins not found any where else. Use my Topaz Labs coupon code, gclure, at check out and save 15% on any Topaz Labs product.

For more information on any of the Topaz Labs plug-ins, simply click on any of the titles below:

Topaz Photoshop Bundle  

Topaz Complete Collection  Save $499 when you buy the complete collection! Includes all 17 products on this page!

Topaz Clarity  

Topaz Clarity   Create powerful photos by intelligently and naturally enhancing contrast.

Topaz Star Effects™  Make Light stand out with Star Effects™, which offers a more intuitive and simplified way to add creative star and lighting enhancements to your images.

Topaz B&W Effects™  Create high-impact black and white photography.

Topaz DeNoise™  Completely eliminate noise with the best noise reduction tool available.

Topaz Adjust™  Infuse your images with dynamic color, detail and exposure.

Topaz ReMask™  The fastest way to mask or extract a subject from its background.

Topaz Detail™  Manipulate detail and sharpen with absolutely no halos or artifacts.

Topaz LensEffects™  Simulates a wide range of lens, filter and specialty camera effects.

Topaz Clean™  Take control of extensive smoothing and stylized edge capabilities.

Topaz Simplify™  Create a variety of stunning painterly and artistic effects from photos.

Topaz InFocus™  The simple sharpening solution that recovers detail and enhances clarity.

Topaz DeJPEG™  Fix JPEG artifacts and drastically improve the quality of web images.

photoFxlab™   photoFXlab is the first Topaz workshop, designed specifically for Topaz users! photoFXlab™ complements your existing Topaz workflow with powerful adjustment tools and a simplified editing interface.


Topaz ReStyle

Unique photographic effects

Topaz Impression 2

Turn your photos into art with real brushstrokes


Topaz Texture Effects 2

Nostalgia Now. Create the textured and toned looks you love, in a fraction of the time it takes in other editing software.


Electrify your imagination. From subtle radiance to electric beams of light, harness the power of Glow 2 to create luminous, vivid images in a flash.


The complete Topaz photography collection

Get everything you need to develop amazing and creative photos



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